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Attention Deficit

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Does Your Child Need Our Help?

Play Attention can help your child turn their upside down world right side up!

Play Attention uses NASA inspired technology to improve attention and behavior.

By wearing our special, sensor-lined helmet, your child can control our video games by brain power alone!

Attention is no longer an abstract concept. Play Attention makes attention concrete and controllable.

Caring, professional one-on-one live support teaches you to train your child at home.

We will help you establish a structured Play Attention home program that empowers your child to correct many of the problems he or she faces.

Using our unique feedback based instructional method known as Edufeedback, we ensure that your child can achieve success!

Improved attention translates into improved confidence and enthusiasm for school, and better behavior at home.

These are qualities that help everyone succeed socially and academically now, and in the future.

Help Is Here For You!

Parents are often confused by the many forms attention problems can take. These can include simple inattentiveness, failure to complete projects, motor skill problems, and poor social skills. Some children actually push and shove due to attention problems.

Learning Centers

If you would like to try Play Attention in a structured environment, many Learning Centers throughout the world offer it as a service to their clients. To find a center near you, Contact Us Here.

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