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Unique Logic & Technology - The Brains Behind Play Attention

Unique Logic & Technology (UL&T), was founded in 1994, and is a privately held company located in Asheville, North Carolina. With its three patents, one patent pending, and its proprietary protocol, UL&T is the international leader in providing creative feedback-driven educational systems to assist learners of all ages in developing their potential. Our staff is primarily comprised of educational research technologists, educators, and engineers.

Our flagship product is Play Attention

A patented interactive learning system that allows the user to control educational video games by mind/attention alone in order to help overcome attention challenges.

UL&T has proven that individuals can control their own learning and reach higher levels of achievement through advanced feedback technology integrated with educational video-graphic learning games. Our products offer help and hope to those whose attention-based learning deficits have excluded them from reaching their goals in life. UL&T continues to develop innovative products to increase attention and focus, which are required to be successful in school, the workplace, in families and other social settings.

Play Attention is currently in use in the United States, Puerto Rico, China, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, South America, and Europe.

Play Attention is a registered trademark of Unique Logic & Technology, Inc. Play Attention is patented and has patents pending. Play Attention's patent numbers are 6,097,981, 6,402,520 and 6,626,676 B2.

Founder of Unique Logic & Technology and Master teacher, Peter Freer, developed Play Attention. His interest in facilitating student-learning processes evolved into a personal crusade to learn the known facts about the behavioral characteristics of students labeled "low-attention," "hyperactive" and "unteachable."

Recent studies state these characteristics can be used to describe 10% or more of children in school and 8-10% of all adults. He began by synthesizing two decades of educational, theoretical, and clinical research.

When creating UL&T, Freer's goal was to create an integrated educational system that would increase the attention, classroom performance and self-esteem of students with low attention or focus. After many years of research, careful development and testing at various academic institutions and private psychological practices nationwide, Unique Logic & Technology launched Play Attention featuring Edufeedback.

Our Advisory Board

At Unique Logic & Technology, we believe we have the best staff assembled to help you, and we've also assembled the best staff to help us. Combined, our advisory board panel has over a hundred years of advanced psychological and medical expertise.

Meet our advisory board...

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